Dec 242013
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The Goddess Tree – a symbol of fertility and new life.

One of the sacred trees of Celtic lore, she watches over us, protecting.  Calls to look back into my past allow me to make sense of these connections. There has always been a very strong sense of the medieval, of working with herbs and plants, and of listening to the trees.  Ancestor or cellular memory makes familiar what we think we do not know.

How we have forgotten to listen.

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  4 Responses to “Arabesque: Betula Pendula Rotorua, November 2013”

  1. Which one of us wrote this ??

  2. Happy Christmas everyone!

  3. Jenny, I understand what you mean. Perhaps I had an over imaginative mind as a child but I look up into those trees and see frightening monsters and feel the ill wind raising the hairs on my back. I simply don’t want to listen but get away from the “Tokoloshe” of Zulu mythology, that was quite influential in my early days in Swaziland.

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