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  3 Responses to “Confusion”

  1. It’s a no brainer, why would you want to deliberately suck smoke into your beautiful lungs. For me Earth, being a living entity, carries an energy signature, powerful and grace-full. We, people, animals, rocks, minerals, anything, we walk or inhabit Earth, thus we are in contact with this energy all the time. Not that we listen very often, but we are connected by energy flow. An inward breath connects to this energy and I return it with breath. Why would I want to put anything inbetween that ????

  2. In many ways confusion is not good and can lead to inaction. But it sometimes can be used to prompt deeper thinking and not jumping to a conclusion. Treat it as a stop sign to think more deeply.

  3. Hahahahaha. So good. Why would anyone even contemplate smoking?

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