By Women and Land Do Men Perish

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Dec 192013
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Ma te wahine, ma te whenua, ka ngaro te tangata

By women and land do men perish

I have been invited to exhibit at the Sydney Head On festival in May 2014.  The theme for the exhibition is “The land that unites us”.  It has proved a fertile idea that has led me to discover a depth of creativity and ownership of my artistry that has been buried waiting for expression. 
I have drawn on a wellspring of reading and thinking that has occupied me over the past couple of years.  Based on a growing understanding of the earth mother and the sky father I have concentrated on creating images that draw upon the concept that the earth is the generative foundation of all life.  All things are nurtured by the earth.  I have considered the relationship of the earth with women, how the land gives birth to all things and women give birth to humankind.  The saying above associates women with the land and expresses the extraordinary degree to which men will act to protect the mana (status) of their women and land.

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  7 Responses to “By Women and Land Do Men Perish”

  1. Well done

  2. Go You!!!!

    Cant wait to see what you come up with

  3. Great context for the image Pauline.

  4. What a wonderful journey you are on Pauline.

  5. Wow! Strong beautiful image. Wise truth. I new you would come up with something special for this Pauline and you sure have.

  6. Breathless and soulful, both your words and imagery. Bliss xxx

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