Rock and Pebble

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Dec 172013
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This image is of new and old volcanic rock.
The old stuff is what has formed the landscape as we now know it and the pumice was produced by an underwater eruption earlier this year.
New vs old, white vs black, light vs heavy but all produced in much the same way.

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  5 Responses to “Rock and Pebble”

  1. Stunning. Love this work Ian. Nice play with shape, weight and age. Very satisfying design. Speaks of the earth.

  2. Excellent visual balance between light and dark. You must be recovered enough to be out in the field again. . . I hadn’t heard since your accident quite awhile ago. So glad you are still out taking pictures!

    • Hi Mary Lane, I have to confess that this one is from just before the accident. But I am slowly getting out more so new stuff will come!! Its great to still be taking pictures and great to hear from you.

      • Glad to hear you are doing better. I gather from your latest posting that you are not driving on your own yet. But, as you say, you are an optimist and are still finding good things to photograph! God bless.

  3. Love this – contrast, shapes and texture working together!

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