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Dec 132013
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I like it when architects pay attention even to mundane things in a building. Square, circle and lines with side light had me hooked – and that little kink in the pipe contrasts with the uniformity of the rest of the scene.


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  4 Responses to “Box on the Wall”

  1. you missed the electrician…
    he was the craftsman who knew that his work was not complete without the care he put into the “little kink”.
    making it work is only part way there for a craftsman. another form of artist really

    • You are right Ian, I did not think of that. The architect would have expected the pipe to be straight and the electrician found it did not line up properly.

  2. John, I keep loving your simplicity with a “twist”. That knnk. That box just isn’t centrally placed – see verticals – and a kink is born. So well seen.

  3. To be fair I think the standard box is just that. But the electrician added the kink because things didn’t quite line up. What is special is your vision John. Seeing and isolating the beauty. That’s all you.

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