Passing Storm

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Dec 122013
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“Black is the sky, but the land is white—
(O the wind, the snow and the storm!)—
Father, where is our boy tonight?
Pray to God he is safe and warm.” “Mother, mother, why should you fear? Safe is he, and the Arctic moon Over his cabin shines so clear– Rest and sleep, 'twill be morning soon.”

Robert W Service (Lost )

I thought of Robert Service poetry when we were up on the hill catching this storm. I have been a fan of Robert for about 30 years; I seem to be able to connect with him. This image certainly has taken me to another place.

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  5 Responses to “Passing Storm”

  1. Fantastic capture of the rain or snow falling.

  2. Powerful image Scott.

  3. It was taken start of this month on the high country workshop, sat evening a hail storm came through.

  4. Good work scott. Good capture . Excellent processing to bring out the hail. Clever composition. Without the sign and pole we don’t know. What the storm is passing.

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