Olive Rows

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Dec 082013
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In Greece, compared with what we saw in Italy (and we’ve by no means seen it all!), we’re spoilt for choice when it comes to crazy olive tree trunks and the photographic opportunities they offer. 
Row upon row of old, twisted trunks surround us everywhere we travel.  They dance in pairs throwing their arms to the skies; they wobble drunkenly in disorderly rows;  they spread their skirts across the grasses; they flaunt their fruits, dripping like jewels in various hues from bright greens through purples to almost blacks.
It’s taken us nearly a month to start producing images that come close to portraying the extraordinary beauty of these ancient trees.  More practice required, and we’ll enjoy every minute.

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  3 Responses to “Olive Rows”

  1. Vicki, you have captured your words in the image. I love those trunks – well tended and ancient – what stories can those trees tell? How many generations have cared about them to enjoy their fruits? A constant in an ever changing world. Lovely story.

  2. Gnarly.

  3. There is layer upon layer of story here. Each tree hints at its own view of the world and tells the story in a slightly different way to its neighbor.
    Then on top of that your words give us a hint of your adventure.

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