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Dec 072013
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The following is my Artist Statement for the Infinity exhibition

I see Infinity in an indistinct bright light in the far distance. Perhaps it simply marks the beginning of new journey.

The bright light demands attention.

I can know that something is there but, in the current reality, be unable to discern its form.

In these images the eye is drawn to the bright light. In life, although we are drawn to the unknowable, it is what we can see and understand that makes the journey interesting and feeds our imagination.

I have just had a lesson telling me that the path to the bright light can change in an instant. However instead of mourning lost opportunities I must embrace the beauty in the new journey.

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  5 Responses to “Steps”

  1. As you know I particularly like this image – the composition and the symbolism.
    Ian, although you still have some steps to climb, be proud of the effort and determination that has already got you up the biggest and hardest.

  2. Ian, wonderful words of wisdom we can all learn from. Thank you. I love your image to go with the words too. As John says, you should be proud of how you have managed yourself in the face of huge and challenging change. You inspire.

  3. Your current small physical unsteady steps are wonderful to see. They are the beginning of a new journey for you. Like many great people, you haven’t given up. Kia Kaha

  4. I just missed posting by 2 minutes. This is one of my fav’s. you are inspiring us all with your attitude. I suppose one could say you are shining light into otherwise dark places for us.
    I am too embarrassed to write my other thought, for fear of misinterpretation- I did crack myself up! I will call you to share 🙂

  5. Interesting that it is a tree lined path :-). You have been inspiring Ian. Thank you.

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