Longing for an Escape – Andrew Wilson

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Dec 062013
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The idea behind this is of a girl trapped wanting for an escape. Could be perceived as a mental asylum or current  living conditions.

The contrast between a decaying building and a pretty young girl …. It is totally up to you have you look at and identify with this image …. It could even portray the young girl as a thought wanting to escape from her mind . . .

Andrew is the son of Julia Home, our next guest, and this image won him 1st prize in Secondary School’s ‘ART2DIE4’ Competition and Exhibition Photography Section 2013.

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  4 Responses to “Longing for an Escape – Andrew Wilson”

  1. Awesome work Andrew. I love the implications of this image. Leaves me thinking and asking many questions. Deep! Thank you

  2. Hi Andrew. This is great
    You have shown me enough structure to provide the outline of a story but I feel that you are inviting me to fill in my own details. For me two very different stories from my own recent experiences could fit into the “frame”..
    Well done

  3. I enjoy the story that unfolds as you look at this image & the structure that has been captured within, Andrew you have done a good job of using the light & dark to give emotion to this image.Enjoyable

  4. Love it. A complex image. To me it’s an internal mind picture. The chair, a internal fixed position. The disturbed mattress, no comfortable sleep here. Some memory hung on the wall. The peeling ceiling, decay no Maintance has happened here. Two possible views out, a choice of views or eyes from the inside? Partly curtained off, what’s not seen? Interesting that there is another window visible outside. Is someone else looking out from there too?

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