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Increasingly I am becoming less interested in architectural images that represent all of a building even if it is very well done. I am realising more and more that it is a particular aspect of a building that usually causes me to make an image.

In this case I had made an image that included all of this façade of the building – and I was a little disappointed in the result. Just recently I looked at it again and realised that it was the bottom part that had the interest for me. Crop it, Nik it (to abstract it) and I am much happier.


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  3 Responses to “Building Facade Detail”

  1. I like that it is a pattern with no scale at all.
    You tell us that it is a building but it could be equally be wall tiles that you have abstracted

  2. John, as always, such wonderful design and abstraction of everyday things. Always engages me.

  3. It’s often a question of scale in architecture. Large buildings might be great from a seagulls perspective but crap from street level. Detail and scale must never ,but often are , be forgotten in relating large building to a human scale. Also how big things are in frame, be it camera or minds eye is important. I think what you may have done hear John is crop in to a minds eye perspective.

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