Rodeo Clowns

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Dec 022013
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Rodeo Clowns
I am dressed,
in my big overalls…
Being thrown everywhere,
and squished against the walls.

I am like a ragdoll,
to the bull with big horns…
While little bulls poke me,
with little tiny thorns.

Ten seconds in the arena,
may seem like an hour…
When that bull is crashing down on you,
with all of that power.

By Cally A. Nixon

This image was captured at Methven Rodeo. The clowns are the craziest guys; they go face to face with those wild, large & angry bulls to protect the cowboy.
I love doing these images in B&W they leave the story to be read.


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  6 Responses to “Rodeo Clowns”

  1. There are many acts of bravery in the world – this is one of them. (some may say it is idiocy but I disagres). I hope no bureaucratic pen pushing office bound fool ever sees fit to stop expressions of mans daring-do such as this. Go the clowns of the world !!

  2. Scott, this is a busy image but that makes me feel I am part of it – especially with the angle of view.

  3. Looks like carnage to me. But then I am a city boy … Love the image though, shows all the action and like John I am drawn right in. But poor bull (sorry Pauline).

    • The bulls don’t mind – really they just think the guy on top is a nuisance.

      • Yes bulls are built for it. All that muscle and nobody to fight! Im sure they love it. I think Blokes are built for it too. We need a bit of a physical/mental confrontation to feel alive.

  4. Life is full of opposites. The rodeo clowns are arguably the cleverest and bravest people there. Interestingly rodeo has produced the gentlest horseman around. I like that. Great image Scott. You can see the balance and anticipation in there movement.

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