Negative – Positive

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Nov 302013
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  4 Responses to “Negative – Positive”

  1. This is one of the magic things about photography.
    I love this …… But I was standing (ok “standing” should not be taken literally!!) there as well.

    So why didn’t I see it then.

    Our art is about individual vision and that is what I love.

  2. Very clever. Glad you put it in that order.

  3. Tim, Very clever indeed. Such good seeing. Love that you have done it in monochrome too.

  4. I,ll add a few words because I was too lazy when I posted this image. To me a multi level thing. Plus and minus. First we are all made of positive and negative , dark and light, and in understanding that we gain greater insite into who we are. Also from the seemingly negative positive comes. I think that is what John is alluding to. Also when I went out to make these images I was asking the universe for a solution to problem I perceived , how to do all the things I wanted-needed to do before Xmas. Take some away added strength to the others. Getting rid of some stuff meant new stuff has come along.

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