Manorburn – Janyne Fletcher

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Nov 272013
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When I first looked at this image I rather enjoyed the idea of these older,
slightly beaten up relics from days gone by, juxtaposed against a beautiful
and dramatic backdrop.  However as I (and a few other people!) considered
the image further we asked ourselves “why have these people chosen to fence
off this amazing landscape – were they being a little ignorant?” .  Little
did my learned viewers know about the wind tunnel effect in this particular
part of Central Otago!  I guess I have always enjoyed seeing ordinary things
in a new and different way.  Particularly the often forgotten manmade
objects that occupy remote corners of the country side.  It makes us pause,
take stock and ask, “how and why did it end up there?”  This would have to
be one of my favourite examples and I hope you enjoy it.

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  5 Responses to “Manorburn – Janyne Fletcher”

  1. Jayne, guess what? My first question was “why the fence in such a landscape”! Now I know and I love your perspective on man made objects in remote places. Love the image too. It raises so many questions about where, what and why but at the same time there is a lovely sense of comfort about a table and chairs and the times had around it in such a place – hardy people. Without the people we are left considering who and what are they like. The bright red, the location and the style all give us clues. I love it, thanks so much for sharing it with us. It’s unpretentious, humble and gets under my skin.

  2. Hi Jayne.
    I am thoroughly enjoying the almost surreal view of the world.
    Like Bruce I have the feeling that the image is about the unseen people who made this. However I am not left wondering or making a story – I simply know that they are the sort of people who I could enjoy a beer with.

  3. I see the roughened defences we need to survive in a beautiful environment. Usually misinterpreted by people from Luther environments. Great image.

  4. Thanks for all of you great comments. I am looking forward to adding to my collection of slightly surreal, slightly kooky images from Central Otago. Janyne

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