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Nov 232013
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I made this image while on holiday overseas at a time I had heard about Ian’s accident.

You will not be surprised that it was the geometric pattern that attracted me when making the image in the camera. But when I viewed it on the computer I thought of the symbolism – a boat going nowhere unless the oar is grabbed. That involves effort (pain) and making a decision on what direction to take!

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  6 Responses to “Boat”

  1. I feel it says more John, it has a very yin yang feel to it, I love the balance & symmetry you have captured, a journey into the unknown if you willing to take the oars, very clever.

  2. I love you interpretation and can only say that the joy of moving far outweighs the pain of making it happen,
    and as for the image

    Negative space mastered…..

  3. I think the key to this is that bit is imbalanced. Which most of life is. Strong simple. Life continuously throughs us out of balance . That is what’s living is about. Love it.

  4. John, this is just lovely…right down to the border you have chosen. One could also say that the contrast of tac sharp to wavy reflection symbolizes those times in life where we feel clear about our path versus unclear and needing reflection to figure things out. Ha, and I haven’t even had my coffee yet this morning! 🙂 Ann

  5. John, I love your ability to see. The dribbled reflection is a masterpiece. I engage with the graphic nature of this image. The design an the association with water make something deep inside of me come to a restful place.

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