Magic Forest – connections

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Nov 202013
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  1. In a dark dark wood there was…
    … Starting to wonder if there were some interesting mushrooms there.
    Fascinating what comes out. The colours have me immediately, then the stories start weaving themselves.

  2. Tim, journey to the cente of the earth. An entrance to a dark place we feel we should leave alone but must explore to find real meaning, rebirth. Your work is really resonating with me at the moment ….

  3. What I find interesting is that we four went into this forest and instantly scattered to do our own thing. What we got are completely different images, completely different styles. But there is a connection in message, almost as though we made these images for one another. While I , as I think we all do, need to work in isolation because it takes all of my concentration to do so, there is another silent energy that we feed of working in a group. Thank you all.

    • Thank you Tim! On that day that forest frightened me and I could only deal with it from the edge. You went right to the heart of it!

  4. I love coming back to this image, it enchants me.

  5. You are right Tim, there’s an energy that shares itself and inspires. Much comes out of this time, and I don’t think it’s ever what I expect. We learn wonderful things from each other without being aware of it at the time. Thank you all too.

    • PS – you have me digging back into Aztec history and mythology. I believe there is some wonderful protective power in this image.

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