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Nov 182013
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In Greece, instead of celebrating birthdays, they celebrate ‘name’ days.  Our host Michael’s name day was celebrated on Friday November 8th and we were invited to attend the evening dinner and party, and were asked to bring a camera.  What could we say? 
In fact, when Michael and Maria (both Scots) told us about the party I said we’d make ourselves scarce (not wanting to intrude), but they both immediately yelled “no, no, no!  You’ve got to be there!”, and assured us we were part of the entertainment!  It’s not every day that Greeks get to party with Kiwis, apparently, so we were a bit of a novelty.  In addition to pestering them all with my lens, I also got to embarrass myself by doing a solo Greek dance.  It would have been a better dance and I would have felt less ridiculous if I’d paid more attention to their dancing instead of focussing on capturing video and images of the pros!
Anyway, this is one of the images I captured towards the end of the evening.  Like everyone, my ‘victim’ had had more than a few wines, a few dances, too much food, and was probably dreaming of curling up in bed!
It was a fabulous evening of food, wine, singing, wine, dancing, wine and laughter, and we were terribly lucky to be a part of the experience.

If you would like to see more images from our European travels you can see them in our blog posts (www.nvlive.blogspot.com) and in its attached gallery, but I haven’t yet uploaded the other images from this party.

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  1. What a wonderful experience Vicki. If I had not read your story I would have assumed this image was made during a serious diplomatic exchange after a very long night of negotiation- amazing what comes to mind … Very good

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