Walking Alone

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Nov 172013
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My next two posts are “oldies but goodies” and were part of my contribution to a group exhibition called “Infinity”.

When I looked at this image again my “today” interpretation is that I am the figure and the viewpoint is you, my supporters.
I feel your support from close behind but I must continue myself.
The lights are foreign, scary and different but they are my future.

At times it is frightening to move into the unknown, but with support and strength not far behind then anything is possible…….

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  3 Responses to “Walking Alone”

  1. Great Image Ian even if it is an oldie.

    You will Never Walk Alone” (adapted from the 1945 Rodgers and Hammerstein musical Carousel. Check out the full story on Wikipedia http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/You'll_Never_Walk_Alone.) I think it fits your story too.

  2. Yes, there is great symbolism in
    This image Ian and quite appropriate to your circumstances. I guess we can all relate to this image in our own way, I certainly can. Somehow, our life’s journey has a component of aloneness. What I have learned is that while you have to do some things alone there is always a support network when we need it BUT we are not always good at recognising that support network. You have recognised yours and you will never be alone, even if you sometimes think you are …

  3. I have always liked this image. I like that the subject is walking into the light. Having been restricted by the fenceb.

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