The Sting – Peter Arnold

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Nov 162013
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This image is an attempt to show that we often see what we want to see, and dismiss everything else. When looking in a shop window we will usually focus on either what is on display or what is reflected in the glass, but seldom both. The camera however records what is actually in front of us. The image is one shot and the reflections give the layered effect. Reflections are also a great way to capture what is in front and behind you in one shot.   

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  4 Responses to “The Sting – Peter Arnold”

  1. This works really well good job love it

  2. Hi Peter – it’s great seeing your image here with us.
    You seem to have captured multiple layers of story on each side of the window with this image.
    The manakins have a large face looking over their shoulders and outside we see a grand looking environment. I went looking for you as the photographer and only found someone on a cellphone. But I did see the underground sign to tell me where you were.

  3. Hi Peter, thanks for sharing your image with us. Yo are so right in your commentary. There is definitely so much in this image and something for everyone, depending on what they want to see. Layering is a great technique and you have done it well here. Thanks

  4. I like it too. The layers are very strong but readable and the third layer of the background poster really makes it. Outer world, inner world and the observer?

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