The Friendship Tree

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Nov 072013
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When MJ came to visit me in hospital she seemed to be a little apprehensive. I can understand that – the things that happened to me were a bit scary. Perhaps I imagined her apprehension, but if I didn’t I do hope that she felt better after we talked and laughed together.

Her visit was very special – she brought me a tree.

The tree became a focus point in my hospital room. A lot of staff and visitors commented on it and nurses took turns to water it.

But this tree represents more than that for me.

The tree is a physical representation of the huge amount of help and energy that I received while I was in hospital and I continue to receive now.

People from far and wide, friends old and new, have reached out to me, to Ailsa and to Kendra.

Your support has kept me positive and being positive has made me stronger.

Thank you

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  10 Responses to “The Friendship Tree”

  1. I say bless MJ and all the people in the world who understand the gift of friendship and what it bestows upon the giver and the receiver.

  2. Actually what else I say is how VERY VERY good it is to see you making this post Ian. Welcome back.

  3. I have had no more pleasure for a long time as that I had when processing this post. Great to have you back Ian!

  4. Awesome to have you back Ian and I love what you post represents. Isn’t photography amazing? A great image too. Love it.

  5. Great to hear you are on the mend, friendship is an important part of life.

  6. And as long as you have a camera in your hands, Ian, you will continue to live and be strong. Trees are all around us – everywhere in our environment – outside our four walls AND inside – and MJ managed to touch you inside. Keep on photographing your world and share it with us all. You are now really on the mend. 😀

  7. Haha, I can’t believe, after all, you STILL managed to find a lone tree to photograph!! Sooo good to have you posting again 🙂

  8. Hi Ian. Ditto to what others have said. Gee, it is so good to have you back.

  9. I like the fact that you have included the power point. There is power in friendship.

  10. Ian.. Turmoil has kept me away – so this is my first visit to aGathering in a long long time. I am bowled over by the work you and the others have made. Such an inspiration!

    This will forever be my most treasured image (one of my ‘casket’ images Tony spoke about). I am happy that this tiny tree, and all trees ‘as they do’, can speak to each person in his own language and answer questions not yet vocalised.

    While you were in your big hurt you found empathy for my feelings. And then you made this image with a filter of tears that represented the feeling we all had when you got smashed.

    Guess that’s why you are (as a wise woman once said) everyone’s ‘go to guy’.

    Keep going Ian. And thanks..

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