Nov 052013
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For Pauline, Blue, Jen and especially Tim.  Thank you

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  7 Responses to ““There is a crack in everything, that’s how the light gets in” – Leonard Cohen”

  1. So true.
    This thought of Leonard Cohens settles well beside the words from a poet friend of mine, Jane O’Shea.
    That God should be so clumsy.

    God breaks me open, again
    And I scramble to pick up the pieces
    Painstakingly, gluing my beloved pot back together
    Then God drops me again, I’m shattered
    and astonished that God could be so clumsy
    Take care, God, can’t you see how delicate I am
    can’t you see how easily I break?
    God picks me up with kind hands
    examines me with compassion, agreeing
    Yes, you are exquisite, so fine, so fragile
    God drinks from my precious pot
    Then breaks me again
    What kind of irresponsible God is this?
    What careless God
    Breaks me open again?

    • It’s sometimes easier to just lock the trunk and throw away the key so he just can’t get in. But then what do we learn. Learning is hard. Resilience.

  2. Isn’t it funny that we could, relatively speaking, be standing so close and make these completely different interpretations of the same space. The light gets in. Always.

    • I don’t know who that wise person was that said “know thyself”. This art thing is all about that but by God it unleashes merry hell.

  3. I feel so lucky to have such wise and intuitive friends.

  4. It is all about light.

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