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Nov 032013
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With Leica Lens. One day I was telling Matt that I was thrilled with my NEX 7 but since trading in my Cannon 5D I was missing a sharp telephoto lens. With a glance at the cabinet he said “that secondhand Leica 90mm would be tack sharp but it is manual focus.”

A week later I am bend over my camera on the tripod getting tack sharp focus. Snap. Then I indulged in playing with the exquisite focusing ring. It was just asking to be wound well out of focus.

Snap. I think it does out of focus better as well! That helps justify the cost!

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  3 Responses to “With LL”

  1. Dear Leica Lens,
    so happy you could join the inhabitants of the blurry fringes.
    kindest regards

  2. Matt is a clever man – he could sell you anything!!
    and it works brilliantly.
    I love the dark line at the top – it seems to hold the whole thing together

  3. When I do out of focus some of my friends call it “blurry shit”. I love yours!

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