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Nov 022013
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Another shot from a place I love to photograph. I always find a new level of creative/artistic dimension that occurs when I am in this environment.
 Not too sure why but I don’t fight it, I let it happen. I always share these ideas with my students.

 Just playing with these images while listening to a vinyl album of Rocky Horror picture show, such fond memories of watching the live shows.

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  6 Responses to “Dust”

  1. I could just imagine you dressed up as Frankenfurter!!!

  2. I wanted to Ferg but they wouldn’t let me. I love his character, I really enjoyed the live shows they were so much fun.

  3. Sorry Ferg and Scott but I quite imagine you being dressed (or undressed) as Rocky! Love the dreariness and abstract nature of this images. It makes me ask so many questions. Very good indeed.

    • Just read all the other comments and mine – “dreariness” should read “dreaminess”! Composition is really good from where I sit …. just a jump from the left …

  4. Looking at this again I’m not sure the composition is right, maybe you should have taken “just a jump to the left” or maybe “a step to the right”.

  5. “Put your hands on your hips”, i think it goes, just keep going back to “don’t get strung out about way I look, don’t judge a book by its cover, I’m not much of a man!!!!!
    Composition is pretty good to where my brain was going setting this up, you should have seen some of the set ups I produced, Frankenfurter would have been proud, don’t think my mum would have approved???

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