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Oct 272013
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Some would consider it madness, but I find it refreshing. When I am on leave and away from the rush of the day to day, I like to wake early and head out with camera gear. Typically for me this may mean driving for an hour to a location, then perhaps even bush walking for another hour or so – just to be somewhere before sunrise. So that means some very early starts to the day!

The tranquility and peace are wonderful and nurturing. The light can be wonderful at that time, and the opportunities for photography are only limited by your imagination.

Its great when you can come back with a wonderful image, but it’s the process of being there, being connected to nature and to the world as it awakens and evolves that really lights my fire. After a good morning of photography I’m always inspired for the day.

This particular photo was actually taken after sunset (so no early start required) from the beach in Broome, Western Australia. A beautiful and unique locations with superb colors!

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  1. Welcome Patrick it is a delight to have you posting here as our guest. I think your comments about the process involved in taking the image is a truly integral part of the capture. I think we are the richer for it when we recognise that extra dimension inwhat we do. Every time I come across someone who talks about it I think that the concept isn’t diluted by its frequency but multiplied by its wisdom.

    • Thank you Pauline for the warm welcome and for the invitation to be part of your Gathering. I’ve found your comment about multiplying the wisdom by sharing with others to be very true – no more so than the workshop we attended, which ignited my inspiration in a whole new way.

  2. Hi Patrick and welcome.
    You have shown a different view than I would expect from Broome. I havnt actually been there but I was close in Learmonth which is on the coast but further south.
    My preconceived colour of Broome is a red or red/orange colour. Yet you have shown me that it is blue as well…

    • Ian – thank you for the welcome. Broome and all of NW Western Australia is dominated by the magnificent reds given the colour of the soil and much of the rocks, but I found myself fascinated by the changes in colours. Every sunset was unique! I could spend months there just capturing the changes!

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