aGathering, Rotorua, 2011

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Oct 252013
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This is a step back into the archives. Not because I’m desperately looking for something to share, but in the sense of retracing my steps to see what work still feels authentic.

It’s interesting that I called the last post “An Ending, A Beginning”, and then this work came up. There’s been a move from making very dark work to, more recently, trying to learn to have the lightest touch.

Be that as it may, this work, and working in this way, still resonates. The motive came about from my usual push and pull and stretch and shove, in order to explore the subject in everyway possible to see what it had to tell me in terms other than realism.  You will have seen the motive in one of my very early posts, used in a different way. When I can take the picture away from being a “subject” I find it has very different things to tell me. Yet they relate to what I photographed. Just not always to what appeared from my sensor.

This is work that is still teaching me to see. The finished work came to me visually and I had not the faintest clue about how to go about making it. And that’s how I like it. It took me some time and a whole lot of learning at the time to come to this point. And now the symbolism is much different to my original perceptions, based on where I was then, and where I am now. The components were made in 2010. And the understandings are now coming. Three years later. 
It’s about community.

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  1. And I find this revisiting of your image interesting too as the viewer. When I first saw it I was drawn to the technical / production aspects of it because I had no idea how anyone could create something like this as well as a gut feeling of attraction to it by being drawn to the sense of power and intent that was encapsulated in it. Over time I have come to understand that this came from the integrity of the photographer. Now – having journeyed further (and some of it in the company of Jen) I look at this image and find myself seeing different aspects in the image. Currently I am engulfed with the concept of connection and keep examining this idea in a multitude of forms and situations. How are we connected to ourselves, our communties and the sacred. And from this viewpoint I look at this image and see our beautiful crystalline selves streaming into the cosmos, perfect in our individuality but in partnership with others who are but reflections of ourselves. A good posting Jen, a good posting.

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