Man vs Nature

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Oct 212013
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Many people underestimate the power of nature. When she twitches a muscle she can take out much of man's doings.


The Waimakariri where we live was in flood last week. Carving a straight mouth to a couple of hundred meters wide. Cutting two meter banks in the old beach. An enormous amount of sand removed in a few hours. But within the next tide cycle it had replaced almost all that sand. Millions of tonnes in a few hours. The sea and the wind do similar work. There are people who would stop vehicles on this beach, claiming damage to the environment. The hundreds of fishermen and families who enjoy our beach have all traces removed in one tide cycle and one strong wind. Lets concentrate on the things that do matter. Poisoning the environment and taking too much.


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  4 Responses to “Man vs Nature”

  1. Awesome post Tim. Words, sentiments and image. Hope the right people see this!

  2. Tim, I like the design aspect of how you have put the two elements together. I have always had huge respect for the power of water. Reminded of this when in Cape Cod recently and visited a lighthouse that had been shifted 200 m back because of coastal erosion. Saw a lot of other evidence of it as well – including the total rebuild of a covered bridge due to the old one being swept away by flooding.

  3. It’s no contest really – the power of nature wins every time. It’s almost as if we get tolerated for a time and then there is a big reset to put us in our place. Global warming may be the biggest example……..

  4. Tim, it’s always good to put things into perspective. Thanks.

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