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Oct 192013
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Corrado is a good friend of one of our Helpx hosts in Italy.  He’s Italian and, luckily for us, speaks very good English.  Our host, Pauline, and Corrado live in neighbouring villages about an hour north of Rome.  He often joined us for lunch and/or dinner during our two week stay.  Twice he invited us to his beautiful home for dinner and twice took us on tours of the local area.  This was my last shot of the day on our first trip out with him.  He had pulled over to the side of the road so we could take photos of the view across rolling hills, farm houses, and the occasional medieval village.  As I was in the back of his car, I just stood up to enjoy the view.  Perhaps I should mention he drives a Volvo 4-seater convertible – and the roof was tucked up tidily behind me!  I called his name and captured this image as he turned to me.  He loves it and intends to paint his first self portrait from it.
Corrado is interesting, charming, heaps of fun and delightful.  I feel very privileged to have met him.

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  1. Travelling is all about the people you meet, I look forward to meeting more of your new friends.

  2. You captured his essence and that surely is the aim of portrait photography

  3. I like informal portraits and this is a great example, Vicki.

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