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Oct 182013
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Sixth in the series of “Ode to Ian” while he recovers from his accident.

An individual being. You!


We  have a physical presence and a consciousness that make up the “I ” Existing in a medium that changes … reflecting in its surface.


Body , Mind, Spirit


But where is the real   “I”?


If you started to remove limbs would the real you diminish?


Maybe what is real and what is illusion are different from your  perspective.




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  1. Thanks Tim – this is a special image

    However I am having trouble untangling all of this. While I can claim some responsibility for a determination to get better, I could not do it without the WE.
    It is the huge support that I have received from everyone that has kept me focused and determined.

    So the I you speak of is part of something greater.

    • I made and wrote the words for this a few years ago but I think they are relevant now. I think your write the I is also part of something greater. The “we” part of it is defiantly very important. I have a couple of other images in this set that talk about that. In this one I am looking at an individual . It seems to me that the closer we look the less a physical pile of flesh and bones the ” I” is. In your case ,Ian , you came close to losing a few limbs. But would you have lost any of the real you?.

      • My belief is that the real “you”, the authentic you, has been enhanced by the experience – made much larger by it, and some of the unnecessary bits may well have been left by the wayside in all of this. The “we” definitely helps the “I” for all of us.

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