Oct 172013
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Created on a workshop last February, this image is a reflection of the style of photography I’ve been enjoying recently. 
Normally a more literal person, I like the dreaminess of this which, strangely, is also how I felt throughout much of that week – unusually relaxed for me.
It’s not one of my all time favourites but I thought it would be a good image to share and I’m interested in your comments.
Thanks so much for inviting me back

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  5 Responses to “Hopes and Dreams, Hopewell 2013 – Sarah Stirrup”

  1. I really enjoy the dreamy feeling you talk about. It puts me in a story mode.
    I imagine that I am hiding here in the dark safety of the forest wondering if it is safe to venture into the warm sunlight of the patch of grass.

  2. Thanks Sarah, you know what I think of the blurry stuff. Lovely mood and feel to this. As Ian says – emergence springs to mind.

  3. Thanks for the comments Guys. See what happens when you venture out into the sunlight Ian?….. you get to go home to a nice wee dram 🙂


  4. My first thoughts when I came across this was that I was underwater in a dreamy ocean. This time it’s Alice, sliding towards the rabbit hole. Both gliding, sliding and not quite in control. I love the colours and the feel of this. Thanks for posting!

  5. I like the feel of this. There is a sense of hope in that light and life in the colours.

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