The Shepherd Tree

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Oct 162013
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Ian, this is for you.  Basking in the light of the moon and the shelter of a granite rock, this Shepherd tree finds a home.  The environment is a remote mountain desert in the north west of South Africa, a unique, harsh environment, shaped by the elements, a place where you need your friends in order to survive, the Richtersveld.  This Shepherd tree is no “wilter” it makes its home in the lee of a giant rock, the rock provides it with shelter from the sun and the wind and warmth in the night, when it radiates the heat it gathered in the day.  The rock also gathers water from the mist, which dribbles down to feed the tree's thirst.  The tree depends on the rock for its survival, what the rock cannot give the tree is the determination to survive and survive it does, against all odds.   So, my friend, we all need our rock but what the rock cannot give you is the determination to survive.  You have both in abundance.  I salute you.

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  4 Responses to “The Shepherd Tree”

  1. Me too !

  2. Ditto! And great story too, Bruce.

  3. I am delighted to be compared to a tree. Especially one as strong and tenacious as this one

  4. Love your words Bruce – and the night picture. Not too many of those here.

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