Oct 152013
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Sometimes looking back is the only way to move forward.

I have noticed a change in the way I see and it’s not just to do with learning and growing but also apparently with physical changes in my sight. When I started making photographs they were all about the graphics; it seemed that was what really hit me when I saw something. 

Over the past 12 – 18 months I am seeing better tonally, and it’s quite amazing. To see variations in colour and tone that hadn’t been apparent before, rather than line and form. To want to make pictures that are softer, richer and more delicate, yet have fine and sharp detail. In that same time the pictures that attract me have changed, looking back to the old paintings of New Zealand that I’ve referred to before.

And I’m getting older.

There’s a great documentary I just caught the tail end of recently, about how we all see differently because of the physical differences in our eye structure. Which must change with age along with all the other sagging bits.  That’s got me interested. Now I just have to track it down.

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  8 Responses to “Crossing Places. Seeing The Way Forward, Kuirau Park Rotorua 2013”

  1. Great words Jenny, the eye is the most amazing help for us in our photography. It is the compositional tool that is the most powerful.The eye generally works in predictable ways, but the life we have lived can influence this as well.Let me know if you find the Doco. I have been reading a thesis on the power of the eye in photography, pretty in depth but makes a lot of sense.

    • Thanks Scott! I will let you know, what I saw was very interesting and related to many recent discussions about how each of us sees.

  2. I honour my eyes and the gifts that they bring me by making sure I donate to the RNZFoundation for the Blind regularly and in that act make sure I remember with gratitude the fact that my eyes allow me to enjoy so much joy in my life.

    • I agree – the biggest fright I have ever had was when I got my first migraine a few years ago. No pain but my vision disappeared. I really thought I was going blind, the consequences of that suddenly hit home.

  3. The documentary was a BBC one – “Do you see what I see”, aired on Prime 16 September. I’ve tried to find it online but sofar nothing but trailer to be found. If anyone finds it please let me know 🙂

  4. I love this image. The colours and tones are so rich. The pathway is always a view into the future. In this case direct ahead is a fence, a blockage to the straight line. But the path swings effortlessly to the right. A mysterious direction but one that seems to be glowing promising golden light. The journey looks to be a pleasant one .

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