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Oct 132013
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Have you ever spent time on the board during shearing, the buzz, the chaos, the noise, the teamwork, it all adds up to a successful shearing. I always loved the shed, the whole dynamics of it.
Shearing should be in the Olympics, it is next to being a Farrier as a physical job. The stamina, the strength, the technique, most important the patience.

I recently took a few folks down to a high country run I worked on & we photographed the shearing, what a challenging time, stay out the way, the lighting, capturing the moment, it all adds up to a great time as a photographer

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  2 Responses to “On the Board”

  1. This tells the story very well. I can almost smell the place

  2. Technically very challenging as you’ve described – I’ve spent my time in the shed on the end of a broom 😉 I admire what you’ve got. The colour work is great and it seems that all the effort you’ve been putting into the black and white has resulted in a really nice finish for the colour. I’d love to have some time in a woolshed, both with and without shearers.

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