Unrelenting #4

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Oct 122013
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The horizon, distant

The water, moving

The interaction………unrelenting

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  5 Responses to “Unrelenting #4”

  1. Ferg you should know better.
    One of photography’s most basic rules is that the horizon should never be in the middle of the frame yet that is exactly what you have done. While we are at it there is nothing on any of the thirds, the whole thing is a bit blurry almost like you used a too slow shutter speed and there isn’t a point if interest (I would suggest a piece of floating debris such as a red bottle or even a red duck would be best).
    If you photoshopped a duck onto the third point you would fix two mistakes in on go.

    You have created an image that perfectly portrays the feeling of unrelenting. It creates a relaxed floating feeling. I can imagine sitting on a rock watching this scene and drifting away in thought. If you print this you could get this feeling in your own lounge.

    So lots of wonderful feelings but you still broke far too many rules

  2. Like it Ferg. My favourite of this series..so far.

  3. rules are made to be broken (Can I press a “like” button !!! ???)

  4. I’m loving this whole series. Can’t wait to see a biga** exhibition at some point!

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