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Oct 102013
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On the last day of the workshop with Elizabeth Opalenik we were to photograph the nude figure.  “Riiight” I thought, “this is going to take you somewhere you've never been before”.  The images that came out of this session were to be completely surprising and revealing (no pun intended !) for me.  The adage that your image making reveals what has been going on in your subconscious caused me to sit back and do a fair amount of thinking.  It's got to be good for you.

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  1. Good on you for “boldly going” towards new ground rather than holding some of you back.
    The image gives me a sense of motion. Her face is relatively sharp while the rest of her body seems to be swimming through the air

  2. Pauline. I love this work. It takes us so far away from the conventional nude and into a space where we can engage with the subject on a much more abstract and spiritual level. I love the pose, it tells us about the model, I love the blur, it hides the detail and gives us he essence of nudity and memory. There but not there. A bold journey I have
    not had the guts to embark on yet … Well done

  3. Nice, different & thought provoking, have you tried it B&W, guess that is just me.

  4. Didn’t like the idea of b and w it would have felt lacking in soul for me

  5. Love the detail. Would love to see it printed.

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