Spanish Steps

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Oct 092013
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Somewhere in the bright area at the centre top of this image, if you look very closely, you might recognise the famous Spanish Steps.  We spent a day in Rome last week.  It was quite a culture shock.  We’ve spent most of the last three months, since leaving London, visiting small villages and towns, and living in the country.  In Rome we found bus loads of tourists, traffic jams, and street ‘vendors’.  And an absolutely amazing city – but it took me a while to stick my head out of my shell and to start enjoying it all.  Thank goodness we didn’t visit during the high season!

At the Spanish Steps I discovered a shop window display with mirror-finish balls, and started playing.

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  3 Responses to “Spanish Steps”

  1. Yaay!!! You posted 🙂
    This is great – we get to see a different view of a scene for which it would be difficult to find a fresh perspective. And we see you!
    The crowds are something else – even in off seasons. I don’t think I ever get used to them, and poor Marcus has to suffer the consequences. Glad you found some mojo in the masses.

  2. Hi Vicki, this is stunning.
    You really have caught the feeling of the city in the way your words describe it. Busy, bustling and full on.
    Yet in the city, and in the image, you can stop at any detail and explore that part of the story

  3. Awesome non touristy shot of ….tourists! You have nailed to busy , commercial , tourist nature to that great city

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