The Journey Continues

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Oct 062013
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I am enjoying the exploration of edges, interfaces from one element to the other.  In this case the land and the sea, the sea and the sky and the land and the sky.  At these interfaces we get exciting changes: textures, colours, hard to soft and they meld together and then you get something different to break it all up.  Its such fun playing to find out how to make them all work together in an image …. the journey continues.

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  4 Responses to “The Journey Continues”

  1. Gee Bruce, you have made a Dunedin beach look like a tropical paradise.

  2. Bruce, you talk about edges and there are a number here but that little triangular piece of land top right gets my attention – the edges (lines) lead me to it. Nice!

    • Thanks John . The island is that “something that breaks it all up”. It brings the concept of isolation to life for me and in many ways makes me think of Ian during his recovery.

  3. I am working back through some posts. I think the ideas relating to edges have some links to the boundaries John M talks about in the next post. This image shows a natural boundary whereas Johns shows man contructed ones.

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