Heading Over

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Oct 032013
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For 13 years of my life these guys were my tools of the trade. Now it is a spanner & a welder, oh how life changes. I would much rather have a great team of dogs with me than a great set of spanners.
Sheep dogs are unique in many ways. It is a way of life not a JOB.  During my time as a musterer I had some extraordinary dogs, they were more like an extension of myself.  It is the most amazing feeling to be standing at the top of a mountain as the sun was rising & you had your best friends by your side, the echo through the valley as the Huntaway’s sung their morning song to get the flighty merino on their way. To watch a fast clean heading dog catch those stray wethers as they galloped across the scree heading the wrong way. To feel the warmth of your mainstay as he cuddles close on a cold winters day.
 Memories that’s what life is built on & how we create the emotive images we do, living life to the FULL. How can you capture life if you have never lived it?

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  1. I agree that working dogs live a very full life. It seems that their every minute is fun and that they will do absolutely everything for “the boss”.

    Pets have a job as well. I was just talking dogs with one of the nurses here who said that in the medical wards with very ill or dieing patients they allow dogs to stay with and support their “boss”

  2. The bond between human and dog is a special one. Nice capture Scott.

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