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Oct 012013
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I'm writing this after another inspirational visit with Ian in hospital. On the afternoon of the crash Ian tossed up between swatting up on a simulator test for work and going for a bike ride. Bike ride won. But does Ian waste time thinking” if only I had done my swat” ? No. He sees it as a great opportunity to review life.

The window you choose might have lead to catastrophe but there is no alternative in this timeline, what's done is done. It's important to be looking forward not wasting energy with looking backward.


An image made in Cambodia now I know what it means.


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  4 Responses to “If only”

  1. Ian is an inspiration to us all. We can certainly learn from this man

  2. Thanks Tim for this uplifting post.
    I like your image. With your design skills you know better than me about the significance of windows. For me I like that they function from outside in and vice versa – each way it is connecting the two worlds – the inside and outside. But most importantly, they let light in.
    On the subject of light, Ian you seem to be shinning light on how to approach recovery from such a setback. I have been reading some more books on positive psychology and resilience is one of the most important attributes we need. You are a living example of that.

  3. Thanks Tim, thanks Ian!!

  4. Thanks Tim and thanks to everyone else.

    However this magical positivity you all seem to admire isn’t a solo effort. The energy comes from all my friends and family who have been with me from the start of this experience. So it’s really all about YOU and I’m just the sucker in the hospital bed who is trying to keep smiling

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