Ode to Ian

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Sep 282013
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Fourth in the series of “Ode to Ian” while he recovers from his accident.



I tried hard to find a solitary tree for you Ian but everywhere I looked I saw trees with other trees and that got me thinking.  If trees are like people then maybe that's how we are at our best, when we are with other people.  I sat and looked at this scene for a while and I noticed that I was seeing two types of trees.  There was the native evergreen, standing out on its own by virtue of its colour.  Then there was the yet to bud poplars, distinguished by their stark bare branches.  So I sat and thought about the evergreen and welcomed its colour, its compactness, its enduring qualities which nurture and harbour the small life of insects and birds that shelter amongst its branches.  And I thought about the visible structure of the poplar branches and knew that in a few weeks time they too would be vibrant with light green spring growth which would turn to its own beautiful summer green and then the magnificent yellows of autumn.  Those trees will give me an everchanging palette of views over the coming months but the Kahikatea will remain steady and stalwart, being what it is. 
I think that is what we are.  There are people who are strong and steadfast, those we look to and draw a sense of continuity and certainty from and there are our vibrant and colourful friends who surround and delight us in their array of characters and colour.  We all have the right to put down roots and celebrate our lives.

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  1. Thankyou Pauline. The image and the words came together to transport me from this stark room to the hillside beside you. I can smell the fresh country air.

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