Sep 252013
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“To draw is to make a shape and movement in time.” – Stuart Davis, 1951

That distinction between “art” and “photography”;  “drawing” and “photography”; “painting” and “photography”;  and “sculpture” and “photography” has me flumoxed. Particularly the first. And the debates shall rage on for all of history and the forseeable future, I imagine.

But for me there is no distinction. Each informs the other and the pleasure I have in wielding a camera is that I can make work that utilises all, should I choose. So I struggle to call myself photographer. Just as I would “painter” or “sculptor” should I work primarily with those tools. I guess the Jack of All Trades  raises his head again.

“To photograph is to make a shape and movement in time” – Jennifer Couldrey, 2013

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  6 Responses to “Experiments in Colour, Rotorua, September 2013”

  1. I love the book end quotes. Oh yes, and the colours, it makes me want to jump into them and push them around a bit, what would happen if I added a bit more yellow to that orange and more saturation in the blue. Hmmm, lovely lovely colours……..

  2. Jenny, I am now at the point where I no longer think about labels such as photography, art etc. My energy goes on the final image and I do not care what someone else may label it. It is not the label that counts but how the image communicates to the viewer.
    Love the symmetry and colour.

  3. Love it! love the colours. And I’m really into spirals 🙂

  4. The light and colour give this a three dimensional quality, I would love to see this printed REALLY big!

  5. Ditto all the above. Have you toyed a square crop?

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