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Sep 232013
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This is me, well I think so. I spent time on a place I love recently & during the time I decided to do a self-portrait, I found a window & decided that this is the one.
Self-portraiture is a study of who YOU are, capturing yourself, who am I.

I often use this as a task for my students, how can you direct a model if you don’t know how it feels to model, play, my goodness lock up the adult & let the child play, photography is supposed to be about FUN. So have some.

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  7 Responses to “Face in the Window”

  1. If you are having fun, Scott, why are you looking so serious ??? With furrowed brow ?

  2. Concentration, trying different looks this is the one I liked.

  3. Love the sentiment Scott – yes, photography should be FUN and I think it’s easy to forget that sometimes.

  4. Scott, I agree too. It should be fun but we should also not always take ourselves so seriously. Children learn by playing, let’s keep being children! Good to see you having som fun.

  5. Your self portrait is fun and also a very interesting image. You are good at the self portrait , something I should do.

  6. Watching you set this up, I did wonder what you were doing Scott. This is great. Some of us do need to learn to play again….

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