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Sep 202013
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I've been somewhat puzzled over the last 6 months by my inability to make any comment to go with my images.  It has felt as if my mouth has had a gag over it and was in contrast with an unbidden urge to write about the images in the past.  I haven't really figured out why that has been the case.  The best I can come up with is that this period has had me thinking about why I make my images and what work I want them to do.  Exhibiting in New York was awesome and the follow up opportunities to exhibit in Paris, Toronto and again in New York was exciting.  Strangely, much as I had previously thought that was what I wanted, there was a feeling that I needed to connect more intimately with other people.  Out of these musings has been born an idea called “Coffee with a View”.  A local cafe manager has given me the opportunity to hang work in his cafe over  the next few months (or more) and is happy to indulge my bright ideas.  To this end I want to exhibit work from other photographers once a month and invite local artists / image makers/interested people to come along for an hour on Sunday afternoons to share the joy of seeing creative works and see / hear about someone they may not know.  I'm hoping that new ideas and contacts will spring up from the chat over the coffee.  Who knows what good things may happen.
And so to this image of the dancer.  It was made at a workshop held in Ballarat a couple of weeks ago with US Fine Art photographer Elizabeth Opalenik .  What a breath of fresh air to be pushed hard to photograph beyond what you thought you could do.  I loved the images that I made, some were beautiful, some were disturbing and some were from a space I never thought I could work in.  So, here's the dancer, I'm going to print this one and hang it on my wall for it reminds me that at last I am dancing into the light.

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  1. Well! This is a departure and really reinforces the notion that when we get stuck/tongue tied (even visually), it is usually a sign that something new and exciting is about to surface. How much fun is that?! I’m glad you’ll hang this on your wall – it’s beautiful.

  2. Well! All I can say Pauline is that you are an inspiration. You have put into words what I have often felt. Sometimes we sing and at other times we can’t even get out a croak. Who knows why but that’s just being human. Last night I dreamed I was singing, it started gently and tentatively and it built up into a passionate explosion, at which point I woke up with my heart pounding and me sweating. What a joy I felt – inhibition finally released, but it was only a dream. I love your dancers, they are not a dream, they are real. Congratulations.

  3. I’m the same. I have been struggling to put words to images. I look at this image and notice that the dancer visually is standing on nothing, yet moving lightly and gracefully. Perhaps that is what I have been missing. I haven’t been meditating, doing nothing to let the mind gracefully dance..

  4. thanks for the comments you guys, it is empowering to know that the work you do has an impact / effect on others you hold in high esteem.

  5. Lovely, and a lovely story. I also have an image on the wall that realigns my thinking every day. Print and and keep it close it’s a road marker for your future.

  6. This image brings a lump to my throat Pauline (in a good way!). Magic.

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