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Sep 182013
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Third in the series of “Ode to Ian” while he recovers from his accident.


Trees come in many forms, each has its own character some are tall and straight and some are bent and gnarly. Each has its own personal character that is unique to them but no matter how much you bend or break their limbs they remain the same inside.

Ian is proving to me that people are the same, to say his attitude is inspirational is a huge understatement.

To me Ian, your strength is something to be admired and, even from your hospital bed where most people I know would be sulking and feeling sorry for themselves, you are still able to make those around you feel your inner strength. Something that you will forever have my undying respect for.


Heal well little sapling.


(This image was made on the south coast between Invercargill and Te Anau on a trip with Ian.)

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  7 Responses to “Twisted”

  1. Great image and words. I really like the almost smokey look.

  2. Thanks Ferg. I couldn’t do it without you. Looking forward to the next trip

  3. Great words & Image

  4. wow !!

  5. Awesome Ferg.

  6. Stunning in all ways Ferg.

  7. Thanks guys.

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