Survival on the Edge – Barbara Burry

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Sep 172013
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Like many of us, our great friend Ian has been making photos of trees for a many years, but he has made an art form of it.   Recently he has been making images on “the good edge” which he said “is a place to just be you.  You can ignore the world behind you and just watch that in front of you yet not actually take part”.  He started to look for “good edges”.
For the last 20 years since I have been living in Hanmer I have been photographing trees and also making images “from the water’s edge”.   In autumn this year I made this image to add to my collection.  I have photographed this tree many times, in many seasons and in many weather conditions.  It has always impressed me because of the way the willow’s roots are entwined through the inhospitable conditions of not only sand and soil but deep into the water to survive and continue to grow, although the roots are hidden in this image.   I continued to think about his image and finally processed it about a week before Ian’s accident.  It seemed to me its story was not only about survival – but survival on the edge!   For me, this tree represents survival and growth despite its closeness to the water’s edge.  It is on a “good edge”.
Ian, my friend, I am sure you can access a deep inner strength to get through and continue to grow despite this major setback.  You will beat this and although you and your family will be changed forever, you will definitely continue to grow and be stronger.   I know there will be many moments when it may not feel like that, but you all will.  You are survivors. 

When you are going through hell, keep on going. Never never never give up ~ Winston Churchill

Kia kaha, kia maia, kia manawanui ~ “Be strong, be brave, be steadfast”

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  7 Responses to “Survival on the Edge – Barbara Burry”

  1. Cleverly done Barbara. Thoughtful and knowledgable. Bringing these qualities to our friendships is indeed a valued treasure.

  2. Wonderul Barbara. Great sentiments which I support strongly. Great image to support Barbara. Thanks

    • Thank you both. I think the tree might just be giving us the “thumbs up” – Ian is looking good and improving daily. Healing is a slow process, but he is making that process really well. Barbara

  3. Well done and great words. The advantage of being on the edge is that there is plenty to drink there.

  4. Sometime, and only sometimes, an images gives us a vision of what lies within the author. This does. Beautiful in all ways.

  5. Hi Barbara. Sorry I didn’t comment earlier – I missed seeing your post somehow.
    You are right about this being an “on the edge” experience. I have a small link to the real world in the form of
    My iPhone but otherwise I’m just watching as everything continues to move on.
    The edge is a good place to grow stronger……

    • Ian I am sure you are watching, waiting and thinking creative and recovery thoughts. Recovery really is a long and slow process but in a relatively short time you won’t know yourself as the same person. You are moving with us

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