Veil, Rotorua. August 2013

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Sep 152013
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“Shall any gazer see with mortal eyes, Or any searcher know by mortal mind? Veil after veil will lift -but here must be Veil upon veil behind”

~ Edwin Arnold

It’s a theme that keeps resurfacing and I’m trying to discover why, or what it is about the concept of the veil that keeps me fascinated. Physically so light, but culturally so heavy. It has all sorts of connotations, from concealment to protection, to sensuality, pretence or disguise. And in many cases smacks of dominance by one over another, through history and across gender, religions and cultures.

This particular veil is my filter to the world. Our bedroom curtains. Needed to be very full, and long, and, sunlit, float in the afternoon summer breeze. My way of transporting myself to the romantic France of my dreams.

They soften my view of the world, protection from harsh realities of light and weather, while never completely separating me from either.  Close to the veil I can see clearly, but not be seen. Further back and the filter thickens. Reducing the impact of the outside world. Cloistering me.

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  4 Responses to “Veil, Rotorua. August 2013”

  1. For me its a desire to be able to see clearly in my life. I have a wish to see through those things that my gender, my culture, my experiences throw up to veil the truths that I desire to see. I think I am getting better at pushing aside some of those veils. Maybe it is also called wisdom. I hope so.

  2. There is another set of veils we surround ourselves in. Layers of honesty. We hide from strangers some of our feelings and truths. There are layers and layers of truth we reveal to people closer to us. Something’s we keep to ourselves and some we even hide from ourselves.

    • That’s true too Tim, there exists that little inner circle we surround our inner most self with. I think there is a beauty and wisdom in possessing the choice to reveal or conceal.

  3. I keep coming back to this and enjoying it Jen, I don’t yet know why, until I understand why I’ll just keep coming back. That’s not a bad thing at all!

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