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Sep 072013
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This image probably gives me more satisfaction than any others I have made.  Prior to heading off to Italy for a two-week photographic trip, I checked out guidebooks in our local Library for possible locations.  I came across one image of this village near Tuscany and knew immediately I had to photograph it.  It is so small and it was difficult to find as on my map it was hidden by the page number!  I planned the trip which consisted mainly of Umbrian and Tuscan hill towns with a detour to this village – a cluster of houses with a church, all huddled around a piazza, and set on a rocky outcrop.

When I arrived there one evening, the sky was darkening and distant thunder revealed a storm moving over.   As I set up the camera, the atmosphere was literally electric, with lightning flashes over the hills.  I had never felt this level of excitement when photographing.   There was something ethereal about the whole experience.  The following morning, I was back at dawn.  The best vantage point was on top of a gatepost to raise the camera level above bushes in front of the tripod.  I am pleased nobody passed by – only a madman would be perched on top of a gatepost with a tripod in the dawn light.  I spent the morning shooting and then wandered over to the village to look around in the afternoon.  An elderly Italian man sold me a crust of ciabatta toasted over his fire and dipped in olive oil for lunch.  It was hard to leave; this was by far the highlight of the trip, easily up there with Venice and frankly, more appealing than even the amazing architecture of Florence.

I guess it summed up something about how I view life; seeing the bright, good and simple things amidst the dark or glamorous.  I spent many hours on Photoshop to bring the image to the way my mind's eye saw it.  An autobiographical image, if such a thing is possible.


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  1. Welcome Paul. To me this image shows how we can bring our imaginings outside our heads and share them with others. The fact that it requires a level of mastery is evident in this beautifully crafted example.

  2. Paul, Thank you for sharing this awesome image with us. Wonderful when you make an image that reflects something about you!

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