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Aug 272013
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One of my favourite places on earth is the Namib desert.  On this day it was pouring with rain and the desert put on a different mood.  I made this photograph 3 years ago and since then it has been sitting in my files while I figured out how to present “my space”.  This week I felt it was time to once again pull it out to see if I could present it the way I felt it.  I think this does it for me.

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  1. Sometimes it takes time to be able to present”my space” or vision whatever you want to call it to the world. I have a whole heap of images from my time on the ice I haven’t revisited yet .One day. I like your image Bruce it give a nice place to rest for awhile & contemplate.

  2. I strongly believe that we make what we see our own. You have done that in this image Bruce. you have done that both in the way you recorded it and in the way you have processed it.
    I like the creative tension between the darker areas (including the detail) and the lighter grainy areas without detail.

  3. This image intrigues me in so many ways. I so want to go past each ridge line and see just what it holds. I really love the textural element to it as well, it just makes the image.

  4. I have been flicking between this post and Jennys from the previous day.
    For me they are both wonderful expressive and very personal windows into your special places.
    The triangular forms, the square frame and the texture all shout “vision by Bruce”.

  5. Love it Bruce. I like the way the middle ground is so strong. It surrounds the viewer.

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