Window Dressing

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Aug 202013
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We’ve seen, and photographed, so many beautiful/ interesting/ engaging/ inviting/ quirky/ etc windows and doors in Italy.  Here’s my first sample.  Yes – I know – you’ve seen these before.  But I like this one.  I like the colours; I like the ruggedness; and if you look closely into the darkness you can see the outline of an archway, presumably into an even darker room.  An inviting place when it’s so bright and hot outside

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  5 Responses to “Window Dressing”

  1. I like the colours too. I want to paint the walls of my office that sunshine colour.

  2. stunning colours.

  3. Simple pleasures, happiness, summer …

  4. ….. and pride

  5. Both of your last two posts have a dreamy, warm and friendly feel about them – its looks like you are in a happy place!!!

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