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Aug 192013
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This tree stands on the top of a solid looking but actually very unstable rock face.
Norfolk Island is an interesting landscape. Im not a geologist, but what I saw was a lot of soft sandstone,  forced up from the ocean floor, intertwined by pillars of rock formed by lavaflows from the volcanic activity that caused the Islands to exist.
These pillars look solid but are just tubes of rock standing beside each other.
Five or six of them had recently crashed off the face onto the track below.
It made me think about how important a solid foundation is. In this case the tree grew on a solid looking base but actually the fickle foundation means its days are numbered. The tree roots are doing more harm than good here. There is a fine line between holding something that is unstable together and smashing it apart.

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  5 Responses to “Solid Foundation”

  1. I love this Ian, composition, treatment, the sentiments! A bold piece of work. Assertive. Go you!

  2. I like this too. Great composition but even more interesting is that, although not dominant in size, the roots come through as the main story.

  3. Fragility and solidity all at the same time. Dependence intertwined.

  4. Great. A lesson is holding on too tight. Grasping.

  5. I guess you could say this is a statement about our lives – all balanced precariously on an edge. Great image

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