Still, Naseby, Maniototo. June 2013

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Aug 162013
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Visual quietude is an aspiration for me, given years of trying to distill what it is in a picture that really speaks.  The pictures I love the most are very simple, very sparse, with a lot of negative space. The week of snow this year helped me, covering most of the distration initially and letting me then enjoy the absolute bones of any composition.

Moving, too, through the snow was difficult, so I found myself much slowed down physically; mentally visualising alternative compositions so I could plan a route to the viewpoint I’d envisioned, even if that was only 2 metres away. 

And I loved the snow, I loved being in the landscape that was so sparse, monochromatic, and so unlike my everyday life. Being entranced with the subject strips away a layer of rational thought and lets gut impressions have their space.

I could not imagine a place I would rather be in that moment.

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  6 Responses to “Still, Naseby, Maniototo. June 2013”

  1. So, when do we print it?

  2. simply wonderful! I understand your relationship with simplicity Jen. I too love it but struggle to find it ….

  3. Wow Jenny, I thought my last post was pushing simplicity to the limit. But this take the cake. As I have said before, true simplicity is usually arrived at on the far side of complexity. By that I mean it is the simplicity the emerges from thinking through all the detail, confusion, frustration etc that the simplicity rings true. You have done it here!

  4. beautiful

  5. Fine art, fantastic, delicate, I could rave all day.. One of the best landscapes I have seen in along time.. Congratulations.

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