Aug 082013
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One of my goals as a photographer is to record and share beauty as found in the natural world, especially if it is a bit  unusual, intimate, or fleeting.   Autumn water reflections are always changing, illusive even, but very rewarding when  the elements come together.

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  4 Responses to “Ultimate Autumn – Mary Lane Anderson”

  1. Hi Mary Lane – Its great to see your image here.
    I loved this picture from the first time I saw it.
    For me is is about balance and flow. The yin yang composition and the gold blue colour pairing speak of opposite elements complimenting each other and creating a beautiful fusion.

  2. I can feel the flow of the water in this image and would happily stand at the water’s edge and be mesmerised by the feel.

  3. Hi Mary Lane. Welcome! I love the way you have captured the feel of “liquidity” in your image and I also feel that lovely autumnal warmth through the colours. I love watching and listening to flowing or moving water. Its the one thing that takes my mind to an unconstrained place and I get lost in your work. Thanks

  4. Welcome Mary, and thank you for posting here. This work feels so much more than water. It speaks of autumn leaves, and crispy clear skies. I can hear and smell the surroundings in this one too. I agree with Ian’s comments about the balance. It sits very harmoniously.

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